Our Equipment

A Levis & Sons
To deliver quality services to our clients A. Levis and Sons utilize a well maintained EDSON 6000 model drill rig.

Our rig was custom built and designed to enable us to easily change drilling methods to cater for all of the known formation types in both the Perth Hills and Coastal Sand Plain areas.
The drill rig is mounted on a 8x4 Volvo truck and we use three main drilling techniques:

Down Hole Hammer (DHH): We utilize 6" and 8" pneumatic down-hole hammers to drill holes up to 305mm in diameter, down to 150m in Hard Rock formations. Average penetration rates in granite and basalt rock formations have been known to exceed 30 metres per hour. 

Rotary Air: Compressed air is pumped down the drill string and out through nozzles in the drill bit to flush the cuttings clear of the hole and advance the drill bit. Penetration rates are generally faster than Rotary Mud Drilling however is slowed upon encountering Hard Rock.

Rotary Mud: Drilling mud is circulated down the drill string and out through the drill bit to flush the cuttings clear and up the annulus of the bore to advance the drill string. We use a polymer based drilling mud which is much easier to break down with a simple dose of chlorine to remove the wall cake from the formation, thus speeding up subsequent development times.

Our current Drilling Capabilities are:

150mm-500mm Diameter holes drilled to a depth of 150m

Capable of installing FRP, PVC or Steel Casing and well screens, up to 200mm ID, to a depth of 150m

Drilling Equipment:
EDSON 6000 Drill Rig mounted on 8x4 Volvo

 Mud Cleaning, Conditioning and Grouting Truck, mounted on 6x4 Volvo (Under Construction)

Support Vehicles:
5500L Water/Support Truck with Hiab mounted on 6x4 Volvo
4x2 Mitsubishi Canter Trayback
4x4 Toyota Landcruiser Trayback

Ancillary Equipment:
5x6" Gardner Denver Duplex Pump
100/80 Centrifugal Pump
900/350 Atlas Copco Compressor
Diesel Transfer Pumps
Firefighting Equipment
Case 580SK Backhoe
Drill Bit selection includes drag, tricone and PCD bits to 500mm Diameter